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Contact Us

Fairhills Property Owners Association
Box 151067
San Rafael, CA 94915

email with any comments, concerns or ideas on how to improve the safety and beauty of the Failrhills neighborhod. 

The Board would like to thank you, the membership of the Fairhills Property Association, for your continued support. We are striving to keep this neighborhood healthy in appearance and strong in the basic tenets of infrastructure. Your dues help to pave the way for Chipper Days, for Fairhills Disaster Response, the FPOA web-site and our other ongoing projects. We have a strong and positive relationship with our community resources, especially our Police and Fire Departments, due in no minor way to your support of our activities. We would also like to remember those of you who volunteer and contribute above and beyond that which is required. You make our day. You make our commitment to this neighborhood an even better, brighter and more positive experience.
Thanks again!

   A Good Neighbor- A Found Treasure.
-- Chinese Proverb