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Last Updated: August 22nd, 2007

2017 Fairhills Property Owners Association Annual Meeting


Date:  January 23, 2017

Time:  7:19 PM

Location:  Falkirk Cultural Center, 1408 Mission Ave, San Rafael, CA


Meeting was called to order at 7:19pm, with approximate headcount of 40.  Diana Bishop, SFPD, spoke briefly to provide an update of the Oakmont burglary that occurred that afternoon.  Frank Smart, FPOA President, then kicked off the meeting with an introduction to guest speakers:  Jim Schultz and Kevin McGowen.

1.  Guest Speakers:

Jim Schultz, City of San Rafael Manager, was introduced, to provide updates on the city and the positions and areas that the council includes. Some key notes were as follows:

- New website launched last month – the city is looking for feedback from the community.

* Looking for ways to work directly with people using Nextdoor, neighborhood meetings, Facebook, etc.

* Snapshot newsletter sent to approx. 10,000 people in San Rafael.

- Service Areas include, to name a few:

* Neighborhood and economic vitality

* Homeless

* Community service

* Public Safety – Through measure E, able to use funds to replace aging buildings or fire stations (i.e. Police department, City Hall, etc.)

- Homeless Issue – Programs in place that are new, and have never been in place before. Getting much more targeted down to the specific individual. Police department is working with the county.

Kevin McGowen, Assistant Public Works Director, was introduced for the SMART and Traffic discussion.  Some key notes were as follows:

- Significant projects involving improving various issues related to traffic, crossings, etc.

* Traffic signals downtown – All have been upgraded to communication with train.

* Quiet zones for initial operating segments.

* San Rafael is paying $1.9M of funds to be addressing matters related to SMART.

* Many traffic studies performed related to the transit center.

* Discussed traffic flow and prospect of certain plans.

* Applied for Quiet Zone through CA public commission.

* Various Q&A from the FPOA members to Mr. McGown regarding SMART, and various opinions shared.

2.  Fairhills Real Estate for 2016:

* Total of 6 sales reported on MLS.  The range of sq ft were between 2,096-3,094, and $427-$773 p/sq ft.  Prices ranged between $1M-1.925M (depending on the condition of the property).

* 1 property on the market was withdrawn.

* 1 property had multiple offersafter price reduction (2 offers).

* 2 were all cash offers – Every year more properties are sold by trusts. Properties are selling to pay for the estate or other family matters.  If property is sold by a trust, there are limited disclosures.

* Seeing more issues with sewer laterals – Cost to fix is ranging between $8-10K; this is typically found through resale inspection issues.

* Other issues reported – 1 property had a 2nd unit. The additional kitchen was not legal in the 2ndunit and had permits issues.

3.  Treasurer’s Report for 2016:

* Update on the funds to-date and neighborhood participation rate (75%).

4.  Neighborhood Updates / General Questions:

* FPOA members provided suggestions on use of the funds:

- Donate more to the Police and Fire Departments.

- Clean up/maintenance crew for the streets (Leaves/debris, cleanup of the gutters, plants trimmed back from the road, etc.)

* 64 Oakmont Ave - 6500 sq-ft home in approval process to be built.

* Valley View –The soil was falling from the top, but it is stable. This was as a result of soil not removed off-site due to construction of a swimming pool at the property around 15 years ago.

5.  Election of Board Members for 2017:

* New at large board member added – Paul Schiefer. The remainder of the sitting board will be retained for 2017:

Frank Smart – President

Roger Andersen – Vice President

Pamela Ouaknine – Treasurer

Jennifer Langenberg – Secretary

Mary Kay Yamamoto – Alternate Secretary

Brian Savard – Board Member

Marc Langenberg – Board Member / Communications

Paul Schiefer – Board Member

Key accomplishments for 2016:

1.  Continued our efforts to intercede with city planning and building departments on issues affecting Fairhills property owners and or potential buyers.

2.  Maintained a close relationship with the City’s Public’s Works Department concerning our streets, sewers and streetlights.

3.  Annual Dues participation was at 75% for the year or 135 paid out of 182 homes, an increase of 1 home in 2015. 

4.  Issued e-Alerts to subscribed FPOA members. We have over 185 emails in our database, and constantly updating based on new ownership, annual dues notices, and signing up on our website here: www.fairhills.org

5.  PG&E will be replacing the retaining wall structure at Valley View and Fairhills  Dr. this spring, since it is failing.

6.  The city will be investigating and making roadway repairs adjacent to 447 Fairhills Dr. where there is a large subsidence zone.  

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM for wine, goodies and fellowship.