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Special Notices
Coyote Sightings?

A coyote presence in residential areas is increasing as their populations are increasing. They are scavengers and will approach food sources such as garbage dumpsters or picnic areas. Plus, be aware that coyotes tend to go after smaller livestock, such as rabbits, cats and smaller dogs.
Coyotes call at night can be eerie and piercing. It is a howl combined with yipping. Their increasing population makes for a greater possibility of human encounters. Please be sure to
email us if you have anything to report.

Bobcat Spottings?
Though they are not seen as dangerous as the coyote, it's better to be informed. So please email us to report any bobcat sightings.

Tree Diseases
Pine Pitch Canker

Pine pitch canker is a disease of pine trees that is caused by the fungus Fusarium circinatum. Pine pitch canker has killed so many Monterey pines that this ill-fated tree may disappear altogether. In inland areas such as Santa Rosa and San Rafael, Monterey pines are doubly cursed, afflicted with both pine pitch canker and deadly bark beetles. Click here for a valuable web resource for more information on pitch canke

Oak Tree Diseases

Sudden Oak Death is a tree disease caused by the plant pathogen Phytophthora ramorum. The disease kills some oak species and has had devastating effects in Marin and throughout California. Does your property have healthy oak trees?

Police BEAT 1
Please note that our local police beat has an e-mail address (
BEAT1@SRPD.ORG) for non emergency use only. Are you leaving town for a period of time? Please email this BEAT email address and let them know your property address and the dates you will be out of town.  Head of San Rafael's Police BEAT 1, which includes our Fairhills area, is Police Corporal Dan Hanlon.